Can our Agency get a custom Smith & Warren Center Seal?

A custom designed center seal by EPoliceSupply is a great way to enhance the design and security of your badge. Whether you want to highlight a local landmark, showcase your official seal or promote a distinctive logo, our in-house design team can create a truly unique center seal for your badge.

Custom center seals can be made for your department, agency, or company. There is a one time setup charge for the seal if you buy less than 25 badges on your initial order. If you purchase 25 or more badges with the seal, the setup charge is waived. If you purchase between 5 and 24 badges the setup charge is $250. If you purchase under 5 badges the setup charge is $350. Please contact us if you need assistance with custom seals.

On future orders (yes even one badge) with the same manufacturer there will not be any die charges for use of your seal, and it can be used on other models that accept the same size seal.  You can also order the seal as collar brass, or attached to some other products as well, like name plates, etc.

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