Today we received a run of badges from Smith & Warren. It's so nice to be able to see both the similarities and the differences at a glance. Here's a short description of each of the finishes, from left to right in the image. Gold Plate-A pure 24K gold electroplated finish applied over a nickel base provides a gold finish that is tarnish resistant, but may show some wear over time. Gol-Ray-The most durable gold finish, combining heavy electroplated layers of 24K gold with an extremely hard protective clear coat. Nickel-The most economical silver tone finish, a hard layer of nickel electroplate provides a high degree of durability without a high price, but may loose some luster with age and show some tarnish. Sil-Ray-Heavy silver tone electroplated layers combined with an extremely hard protective coating produce a brilliant finish that will stand the test of time. Rhodium-A bright and brilliant silver tone that will not tarnish. A great combination of shine and durability. Two-Tone (Sil-Ray with Gol-Ray Panels pictured)-The best of both worlds, Gol-Ray and Sil-Ray combine to form a two tone finish that is bright, durable and consistent. Black (Gunmetal)-subdued finish often used by undercover Detectives or SWAT Teams.